About Us

Who are we

Cosy promote a natural, engaged and active childhood by supplying sustainable nursery and educational equipment worldwide

As a home of new ideas, we’re continually innovating and developing our product range with teacher led research and play in mind. Champions of rural and real-life childhoods, where children are encouraged to play and take part in adventurous activities that enable them to learn and develop whilst having fun. We create thousands of exciting ideas and have a range of over 4000 products with an exclusive range of over 2000 unique COSY EXCLUSIVE products with many of those availble to ship worldwide. If you and your customers are looking for great, affordable products which are robust, made to last but most of all fun to play with, you’ll love our ranges.

Cosy Foundation

Set up in 2011 to support grassroots childhood projects, Cosy gives more than 10% of our profits to the charity Cosy Foundation to support social causes, via table top sized charities and voluntary groups. We’ve committed £300K to support 80+ community projects in this year alone.

Main areas of activity include:

UK Community Based activities

The foundation supports a wide and varied range of community activities including Cosy Camp Field Activities, Derby Kids’ Camp, Local Museum Education Programmes and many more volunteer led projects.

Developing Countries

With projects in Kenya, Tanzania and The Gambia we’ve built classrooms, provided fresh water in schools, sponsored and fed students, helped support teachers and developed sport coaches in schools.

Supporting Educators

Our foundation funds a range of projects to support teachers and other educators including the Birth to 5 Matters curriculum development and National Childhood Campaign. We provide lots of social content to share ideas and giveaway product, provide PhD bursaries to support research into early education and provide funding to smaller projects, for example Derby Book Festival.


Cosy are passionate about the value of children enjoying a natural environment. As you’d expect, we’re also passionate about our planet too.

We like to keep it natural by embracing sustainable manufacturing and being responsible about where we source our products to reduce our carbon footprint. Our products are sourced from craft based suppliers and small businesses across Europe and the UK wherever possible. A large majority of our ranges are made from natural materials that can be recycled. We upcycle items and repurpose their use such as our popular cable drum tables and stools, and barrel rockers.

We’re working hard to ditch plastic in our packaging and replacing it with sustainable alternatives.

Some of the ways we are doing our part for the Enviroment:

  • We set Cosy up to be low carbon, community connected and cost keen. This is part of our guiding principles.
  • We are the lead product development team with every single product choice led by carbon footprint. We make difficult choices for our buying team but the end result is worth it.
  • We source recycled/upcycled resources where ever possible.
  • We prioritise near sourcing and transport by road. Over 90% of our products are near sourced.
  • We develop the majority of our products in partnership with businesses that are less than 20 people. We visit these businesses and look for their waste to create new product.
  • We run a mindset of constant carbon reduction targeting popular lines as part of our continuous improvement cycle.
    We recycle and process packaging.
  • We continue to work on pallet wrap as it continues to defeat the whole sector, its awful single use plastic we’re ashamed hasn’t resolved and we continue to push for a meaningful solution.
  • We have converted an old building using pre-existing materials. Introduced energy reducing technologies such as LED lighting and motion sensors.
  • We are continuing to invest in sustainability and in the local community.